Sally van de Paverd

Bushfire Consultant

Sally established Fire Front Consultancies in 2010 after the devastating fires of 2009 and the following Royal Commission prompted the government to increase the building standards and planning requirements in high risk fire areas.

Sally has extensive qualifications including a Graduate Diploma of Bushfire Protection with the University of Western Sydney, UTS Bushfire Attack Level accredited and she is also an accredited BPAD Level 2 Bushfire Practitioner with the FPAA.

Having worked for the CFA as a Community Fireguard Facilitator and Bushfire Blitz Presenter in Regions 13, 15 and 16, Sally brings broad bushfire and planning experience to help her clients achieve the best possible outcome.


  • Graduate Diploma of Bushfire Protection
  • Graduate Diploma Education (Secondary).
  • Community Fire Guard Facilitator / Bush Fire Blitz Presenter Training Course Country Fire Authority.
  • Bachelor of Environmental Management.
  • Diploma of Natural Resource Management.